Maintenance Hourly (Part- time)

Posted: 08/13/2022

Job Description:

The Cleaner/Maintenance team member is responsible for the overall cleanliness of the gym, facility and equipment. Additionally, they will interact, communicate and maintain an excellent relationship with both the members and management team.


Duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Cleaning and maintaining the following areas:
    • Gym Floor
      • Change/condense all trash, replacing with new liners as needed. Throw all trash in Dumpsters
      • Fill all spray bottles / Paper towels/ Clean all trash tops
      • Wipe down and clean water fountain
      • Check/fill hand sanitizers.
      • Check all cardio and strength equipment for trash and gum
      • Clean all Mirrors along the Free Weight Wall
      • Vacuum ENTIRE gym floor and spot mop any problem areas including under/around equipment
      • Run the floor scrubber
      • Remove boxes from back storage room
      • Wipe down all ledges
      • Clean Cardio equipment
      • Clean strength and resistance equipment
      • Clean dumbbell racks
      • Clean all rooms in the black card spa
      • Empty all trashcans in black card spa
      • Fill all cleaning solution bottles in the black card spa
    • Lobby Area
      • Vacuum front rugs
      • Vacuum lobby floor / Mop lobby floor
      • Wipe down all chairs and tables
      • Clean vestibule
    • Mens and Womens Locker Room
      • Men's / Women's
      • Vacuum all floors / Mop entire floor
      • Dust top of lockers
      • Clean all benches (Including metal plate underneath)
      • Clean / Wipe down all hand dryers / Signs / Fire extinguishers / TOP OF STALLS
      • Clean all mirrors
      • Check / Fill toilet paper and soap
      • Scrub and rinse down all showers
      • Clean sinks / toilets / urinals (Behind toilets too!)
      • Clean trash tops and empty trash (including sanitary bins in WLR)
      • Empty all mop buckets when done using
      • Wipe tile wall under hand dryers
      • Wipe all tops of doors on changing and toilet stalls
      • Wipe and scrub all stall doors, top to bottom (Clean all hard to reach areas)
      • Check all vents on ceiling for dust, If dusty get a ladder and clean them
      • Clean and organize the cleaning supply closet when done
  • In addition to the duties outlined above there could be other tasks assigned by the manager

    Skills Required:

  • 1 year prior professional cleaning experience preferred
  • Ability to follow directions well

    Special Characteristics:

  • Ability to work well independently
  • Must have an upbeat attitude

    Core Values:

  • Loyalty
  • Integrity
  • Service